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When we paint your guests of any age, they will transform into what goes beyond their imagination! When your guests look in the mirror (and at photos of themselves), and see our designs boldly smiling back at them, they will anchor that positive, vibrant experience to YOUR event. Using art as entertainment and giving your guests a truly visual, emotional, and personal experience with a real artist will create the most lasting memories. Our artistry goes beyond full faces. It includes painting dynamic designs on cheeks, hands, arms, legs, and necks as well.

All designs are hand-painted or stenciled and there are a wide variety of florals, animals, sports, and other paintings to choose from. Requests are always welcome and designs can be tailored to the theme of your event.

Fun Hon Face & Body Art uses ONLY professional quality, non-toxic, cosmetic grade paints and glitters that are FDA compliant and are designed for use on all skin types. We use Global, Fusion, FAB, Paradise by Mehron, TAG, Diamond FX, and Wolfe Brothers professional, water-based face and body paints.

We DO NOT use acrylic craft paint - which is not to be used on skin. There are face painters that use acrylic craft paint and say it is safe to use--this is FALSE. Acrylic craft paint is not made of ingredients safe for use on skin, therefore they are not FDA approved to be used on skin. Always ask a face painter what products they use and choose one, like Fun Hon Face & Body Art, that uses only professional face and body art products. We think the biggest part of having fun is being safe! 


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