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Q. Are you insured?


A. Yes. Fun Hon has full public liability insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency. All of our entertainers are fully insured.


Q. Are your paints safe for use on skin? What products do you use?


A. Yes. We use ONLY professional quality, non-toxic, cosmetic grade paints, body adhesive, and glitters that are FDA compliant and are designed for use on all skin types. FAB, Global, Fusion, TAG, among other professional, water-based face and body paints are the brands we use.


We DO NOT use acrylic craft paint – which is not to be used on skin. There are face painters that use acrylic craft paint and say it is safe to use–this is false. Acrylic craft paint is not made of ingredients safe for use on skin and are not FDA approved to be used on skin. 

Q. Do you provide balloon twisting or other entertainment services? Do you provide glitter or airbrush tattooing?

A. YES! While Melissa personally only does hand-painted face/body painting and glitter tattoo services, we have other talented, professional entertainers/artists on our team who can provide a variety of entertainment. Our company is boutique and our focus is on artistry-based entertainment (entertainment that creates or allows guests to create via an artistic medium, such as paint, sculpted balloons, drawing, etc.). Please see our services page and/or contact us for more information for services you may not see on our website. Melissa personally chooses to focus on one artistry, such as face and body painting, and has narrowed the company's focus to specific types of entertainment to help keep the quality of work at its best.

Q. Will Melissa be painting for us, or will another painter be sent to our event?

A. Melissa will gladly paint for you, unless she is unavailable the date of your event (determined at the time of inquiry OR after you inform her that you are ready to book). We provide you with the most talented face painters and entertainers in the area, who have had experience in the industry and with children. Additionally, if you need more than one artist/entertainer for your event, we can provide as many as you need. 



Q. How many people can you paint in 1 hour? How many glitter tattoos can be applied in an hour? Balloon designs?


A. Face Painting: 12-15 people depending on the complexity of the design. Melissa can personally paint up to 18 people in one hour, but designs are simplified and made to move the line quickly, but without compromising on quality. More intricate full faces can take 5 minutes at the least.

Glitter Tattoos: 18-22 

Balloons: 18-20



Q. How can the paint be removed from skin? Can if be washed out of clothing/fabrics?

A. Soap and water-it’s that simple.  For small designs, baby wipes work great if you need to remove a design on the go!

The paints usually come out of clothing in your normal washing machine cycle, however, darker colors have been known to stain bedsheets for those youngsters that refuse to wash off their designs at night! 

Q. Do you require a deposit or retainer fee?

A. To secure a date, an electronically signed contract is required with 100% of the full fee. *


• If you are paying electronically, this payment is due within 7 days after submitting the contract. 

• If you are paying by check, it is due within 10 days. 

• Your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable after three (3) days have elapsed from the date of contract signing. HOWEVER, if you need to reschedule your event, you can credit 50% of your payment toward the new date, as long as you cancel 7 days or more before the event. If you cancel sooner than 7 days before an event, no credit is given.  


Please be advised, dates and scheduled events/sessions will only be reserved and services given with a signed contract and full payment are received. If your payment is past due, you will be notified and your event may be removed from the schedule. 


PAYMENT OPTIONS: Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, or Check



Q. What happens if I cancel my event? Will I get my payment back? What is your raindate policy?

A. If you cancel you event, your payment is non-refundable, HOWEVER, you can credit 50% of that payment toward a future event (or if you reschedule) if you cancel 7 days or more before the event. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to your event, no refund or credit is given. If you wish to secure an entertainer for a rain date, you must pay an additional non-refundable deposit (at least 50%) of the full fee. 

Q. What happens if Melissa cancels? Will a replacement artist be found? If not, will I get my retainer back?

A. Please note that Melissa will never cancel unless an extreme emergency (personal or medical issue) arises. Melissa will work hard to find an exceptional replacement artist. The fee will not change, and you and the the artist will be given all of the contact information necessary.

If Melissa cancels last minute and a replacement artist cannot be found, your payment will be FULLY refunded.   


Q. How do I book your services? Will you send a contract?


A. To book, fill out a booking form on our website, and your information will be used to create a contract. A link to your contract will be emailed to you and you can electronically sign it. The booking payment can be paid via Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, or check and more detailed instructions will be given at the time the contract is sent to you.  


Face painting in Howard County, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Frederick County, Prince Georges County, and Harford County.  

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